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品牌名称: AG真人直播厅奶茶

公司名称: 生根餐饮管理(上海)有限公司

投资金额: ¥10-50万元


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AG真人直播厅   Now people pay attention to health, more and more people drink tea, also let more investors have interest. In order to develop rapidly in this industry, it is necessary to choose a potential brand cooperation. A little milk tea is very popular in the market, and good taste has won a lot of repeat customers, but also for more entrepreneurs to lay the foundation for cooperation. Choose a little milk tea to join the project benefits.


AG真人直播厅   AG真人直播厅不断的进行创新,打造更多好喝的美味,而且一直坚守严格的制作方式,能够带来更多时尚的饮品,产品质量有保障,口感丰富,味道没得到了更多人的信赖能够代表着时尚和个性,代表着休闲与幸福,因此利用独特的制作工艺打动了更多的消费人群,在市场上的销量遥遥领先。

AG真人直播厅   Innovate constantly, create more delicious good drink, and have strict production way, bring more fashionable drinks, guaranteed product quality, rich taste, taste didn't get the trust of more and more people can represent the vogue and individual character, representing the leisure and happiness, so the use of unique craft moved more and more consumers, sales lead in the market.


AG真人直播厅   AG真人直播厅作为一个在市场上成功运营多年的品牌,由总部提供全程鼎力相助风险不大。现在有众多AG真人直播厅商通过投资开店,收获了想要的财富,足以说明这是一个盈利性很强的创业项目,果断选择投资AG真人直播厅,还可以学习这些AG真人直播厅店的成功运营经验,从而让成功的道路更加平坦。

  As a brand that has successfully operated in the market for many years, the risk of full support from the headquarters is not big. Now there are a large number of franchisees through investment to set up shop, harvest the wealth you want, it is enough to show that this is a very profitable venture project, the decisive choice of investment to join, but also can learn the successful operation experience of these franchisees, so as to make the road to success more smooth.



AG真人直播厅   A little headquarters for investors to consider very comprehensive, how to become a little agent? 1, the end of the message to join the application; 2. The headquarters shall audit the investors; 3. Both parties have formally signed the franchise contract; 4. The headquarters arranged special personnel to assist in the opening preparations, such as the selection of store site evaluation, store decoration, personnel training, industrial and commercial license handling, opening planning, etc.; 5. Official opening.

AG真人直播厅   上文对AG真人直播厅奶茶投资项目已经给出了详细的介绍,感兴趣的朋友可以在文末留言。该品牌拥有很好的口碑,而且有广泛的客源,加入其中,只要投资人用心经营,收益自然不会少。您还在犹豫吗?机会不可多得,赶紧来AG真人直播厅奶茶官网报名加入进来吧。

  Above a little milk tea investment project has been given a detailed introduction, interested friends can leave a message at the end of the article. The brand has a good reputation, and has a wide range of customers, to join them, as long as the investors carefully managed, the income will not be little. Are you still hesitating? The opportunity is rare, hurry to a little milk tea official website to sign up to join it.


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择址专家 / 王秀娜


图标 开店初期资金要准备多少?

图标 约40万(含AG真人直播厅金、保证金、店铺装修、所有设备、品牌授权、开店五金物料、人员培训),不含门店押租金、店内员工招聘薪资费用等。

图标 我可以委托人经营吗?

图标 必须亲力亲为,自己担任店长,不能当作投资项目。

图标 开店地点有哪些区域选择?

图标 目前仅开放杭州、宁波、苏州、南京、广州、福州、闽北、皖南、深圳、无锡、长沙、武汉、成都、北京、郑州、青岛AG真人直播厅,陆续开放中(其他区域请投至。

图标 面谈前需要事先准备好店铺吗?

图标 不用。请先于取得第一阶段AG真人直播厅资格后再行准备。

图标 取得AG真人直播厅资格后,总部能帮我寻找店铺吗?

图标 请自行找寻,总部只负责评估商圈状况。

图标 我会赚钱吗?利润有多少?

图标 请先自行评估决定是否投递AG真人直播厅申请,本公司不做任何保证,其他于通过书面审核后在面谈时会详谈。